drinkable craft

We don’t mind telling you we’re a brewery to watch. We invite you to discover the difference our passion
brings to the drinkable craft beer movement. We make craft beer from what’s here, naturally. Our wisdom
comes from doing. Our taste comes from tasting. Our craft comes from loving it enough to do it all by hand.
Come as you are to explore drinkable draft beers. We make it our business to craft a range of beers for any
occasion — all year round, all day long — and that doesn’t mean we have a drinking problem.

we are beer-lievers

Water + hops + heat + yeast = beer…”it’s so simple, it has to be easy”… said everyone. But it takes a special kind of know-how to converge the crossroads of science, art, and intuition to make beer this drinkable. Frankly, and off the record, we speak beer. When the ingredients whisper, we listen and do as they say, resulting in all manners of liquid enjoyment. In reality, our craft comes from doing. Again and again, and again … until it’s worth believing. But don’t worry, it’s not our way or the highway. In the end good beer is good beer, whoever may make it.


what’s cooking

Double Horn Brewing Company is a family-friendly restaurant serving both lunch and dinner.  Double Horn is also the first and only brewery in Burnet County.

Double Horn serves a refined-casual menu alongside Texas craft beer and wines.  Come join us in one of our three relaxed environments either in our dining room with lofted ceilings and a view of the brewery, in our bar where you can watch some sports while you eat, or in our biergarten with picnic tables and Hill Country fresh air.  Cheers!


Get a taste of this

Double Horn Brunch on Sundays – Starting July 2 (10 am – 1pm)

So excited, just can’t hide it – one word… DoubleHornSundayBrunch! We start this Sunday, July 2 at 10 AM. Message us for VIP reservations! This will be a set menu consisting of breakfast tacos, beer-batter buttermilk pancakes and various other brunch favorites. Bring the whole family for a slap-up breakfast. Kids menu available too